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Legalizations services in the USA

09 march 2017, 00:00

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Legalizations services in the USA

The legalization of a document is the commission of a number of certain formal procedures for giving the document legal force in the territory of another state. The ultimate goal of the procedure for legalization of a document issued in the territory of one state is the possibility of submitting it to official bodies and / or organizations of another state. In simple words: legalization is needed to ensure that your power of attorney issued, for example, in Uruguay, was valid in the territory of another country. The essence of legalization is to confirm the authority, authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the official who issued the document.


Legalization extends to documents on education (diploma, certificate, etc.), civil status (documents from the bodies of the Civil Registry Office: Birth, marriage, etc.), insurance, certificates, powers of attorney, court decisions, and Materials on civil, family and criminal cases, documents of legal entities (certificate from the tax inspection, certificate of registration, certificate of ownership, certificate of registration of a trademark, etc.).


In accordance with international practice, there are a number of documents that are not subject to legalization - these are originals and copies of documents on which there is a photograph:


Passports and documents substituting them (including identity cards);

Trade-union tickets;

Labor books;

Military tickets;

Pension books;

driver's license;


Documents on belonging to estates and religions.

We require legalization of documents only in certain cases. In most cases, legalization is required when processing applications and powers of attorney for the re-registration of services and / or refunds. In the cases described, if the Subscriber - an individual who wants to re-arrange the service or make a refund of unused funds, can not personally come to our office, we require the filing of NOTARIES certified statements and / or powers of attorney. Legalization of applications, the signature on which is certified by a notary, and / or powers of attorney executed by a notary, will be required if the notary who draws up these documents does not work in the territory of the USA (ie a notary of another country). Even if the Subscriber is a citizen of the USA , but has issued the document from a foreign notary, this document must be legalized for its use on the territory of the USA .


Legalization of documents is not necessary only for countries with which the USA has a basic bilateral agreement on which the legalization of documents is not required.


There are two procedures for legalizing documents:


Consular legalization (procedure of full legalization of the document);

Apostille (simplified procedure for legalization of the document).

The procedure for full legalization of the document (consular legalization) is required only for countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.


The USA acceded to the Hague Convention on May 31, 1992, so if the country that issued the document is also a party to the Hague Convention, then the Apostille stamp is sufficient to legalize the document.

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